Updated MSX 150 Communications Cable Connection Procedure
Date: Wednesday, December 03 @ 11:07:26 CST
Topic: Watercraft

The procedure outlined in the Help File in version 2.08 is not correct. Other steps are needed to maintain communications with the watercraft when the engine is not running....

The procedure is correct in version 2.09 and later.

The following replaces the IFB timeout disable procedure in the software Help File:

To disable the IFB timout for testing purposes, you MUST:

  1. Either start the PWC and then remove the lanyard to shut it down, OR just press the start button momentarily and then remove the lanyard.
  2. Wait 15 seconds
  3. Insert the lanyard and press the STOP button three (3) times within three seconds.
  4. Press the start button momentarily to enable the ECU without starting the engine OR start the engine normally.
IF you enable the ECU with the System IFB in Diag Mode, the ECU will stay enabled until you press the stop button or remove the lanyard.

To get the System IFB out of diagnostic mode:
  1. Either start the PWC OR press the start button momentarily to enable the ECU.
  2. Remove the Lanyard from the left hand control.
  3. Wait 10 15 seconds.

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