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Version 2.09 Service Pack 7 New Features

Digital Wrench Version 2.09 Service Pack 7

Service Pack 7 adds several new features to Digital Wrench along with the addition of basic diagnostic functions for 2007 vehicles.  Click on the links below for more information on these new features:


SmartLink Auto Update Process:
Whenever Digital Wrench connects to a SmartLink Module, it will check to make sure the latest version of SmartLink software is installed in the device. If the SmartLink version is too old or the module is not programmed correctly, the following screen will be displayed.
When the Ok button is pressed, the SmartLink Configuration Screen will be loaded automatically and the SmartLink will be updated. Once the SmartLink Module has been updated successfully the software can be used.
The Auto-Update function can be disabled (turned-off) by clicking on the Smartlink Auto Update Switch on this screen.

SmartLink Communications Port Setup

The SmartLink Module is now used for the majority of vehicles starting with the 2007 Model Year. It is extremely important that the Serial Port used to communicate with the SmartLink be configured properly for High-Speed Communications.

Click here to read an Important Article regarding Serial Port Setup for the SmartLink Module

New Vehicle Selection Process
Vehicle Selection is now done by selecting the Vehicle Line, followed in some cases by the Engine Size and then a List of vehicles arranged by Model Year.
Vehicle Line Selection:
Engine Size Selection

Vehicle Selection

New Configuration Screen Layout
The System Configuration Screen Layout has been changed a bit.
  • Comm Port Selection is now done with a drop-down list
  • Product Serial Number(s) are displayed on this screen (for those users who have not yet written them down somewhere else).
  • Start-up & Pop-up Help selections use a new "Slide Switch" control. Just click on the switch to enable or disable these items.

Service Report Screen

The Service Report Screen is now available for nearly all vehicles. This screen shows all data items available from a particular system and can be selected from the Special Functions Menu.

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