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Polaris Digital Wrench .: PROBLEMS ? READ THIS FIRST


Version: Digital Wrench 2.06 - Present
Operating System(s): All


Before you jump in and try to fix a problem without any direction, you should read this article completely to get an idea of where you should start first.

Where to go from here:

If you are experiencing problems with the Digital Wrench software (for example, a runtime error), you should first see if there is an article in the 'Errors and Troubleshooting' section of the Polaris Digital Wrench On-line Help System.

If your problem is not described in one of the articles on this site, you may be successful in fixing your problem by uninstalling & re-installing the Digital Wrench software.

If the Digital Wrench installer tells you it is unable to install or uninstall the software you may need to clean up your registry. This may be neccessary if you were forced to uninstall the software the manual way.
If reinstalling the software did not solve your problem, call your friendly Polaris Technical Support for assistance. Be sure to supply them with as much information about your problem as you can. Information such as your Windows OS Version, the Digital Wrench version, a detailed description of the problem, and (if possible) a screenshot of the problem, can all be extremely useful when trying to help you.

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