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Using Windows Installer Cleanup

HOW TO: Use Windows Installer Cleanup

Version: 2.06 - Present
Operating System(s): ALL


The Windows Installer Clean Up Utility is designed to allow you to safely remove Windows Installer settings from your computer in the event of a problem. Windows Installer may become damaged if:

  • Your computer's registry becomes corrupt
  • You or someone else inadvertently changes a registry setting used by the Windows Installer, resulting in a problem - The installation of a program that uses Windows Installer (for example, Polaris Digital Wrench) is interrupted.
  • There are multiple instances of Setup running simultaneously, or an instance of Setup is "blocked"
Windows Installer Clean Up Utility will remove all Windows Installer information associated with the selected programs, including the entries for the programs in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Note that the Installer information for that particular program is alone removed, not their files. If you remove the settings for a program that is currently installed on your computer, the program will no longer be able to add or remove components or to repair itself; to prevent problems, it is recommended that you reinstall your programs before you use them.

Installing the Cleanup Utility:

There are several versions of the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. The one you need depends on what operating system you are using. You can find the setup program on your Digital Wrench CD.

If you are using Windows 95, 98, or ME then you will find the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility here (assuming 'D' is the drive letter for your CD):

  • D:\Utilities\Installer Cleanup\95-98-ME\msicu.exe

If you are using Windows NT, 2000, or XP then you will find the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility here (assuming 'D' is the drive letter for your CD):

  • D:\Utilities\Installer Cleanup\NT-2K-XP\msicuu.exe

Run the appropriate setup file and follow the directions to install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

Using the Cleanup Utility:

To run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, select it from the Start Menu's list of programs. Select "EFI Diagnostic System" and click the "Remove" button. Click OK when a warning pops up. Your Digital Wrench install should be cleaned now.

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