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How Do I Get A Serial Number?

The Install Procedure requires a "Software Serial Number" to be entered and I don't have a serial number.

The Software Serial Number was included in the original Digital Wrench Kit you received. This is the kit that came with a CD, Manual and the Vehicle Interface Cable in one box. Depending on when you received this kit, the Serial Number was either on a "Serial Number Card" or on a label attached to the CD Sleeve.

Getting a New Serial Number

If you have never received a Digital Wrench Software Kit;

  • Order part number PU-47063 for Snow, ATV, Ranger or Watercraft.
  • For Victory Dealers order part number PU-46085 which includes the Victory Adapter Cable.

These kits may come with an older version of the Digital Wrench Software. Discard the CD from the Kit if it is an older version number than the CD you currently have. Use the Serial Number included in the kit to install the latest version of the Digital Wrench.

Finding your Old Serial NumberIf you have previously registered an earlier version of the Digital Wrench Software but you cannot find your Serial Number, contact Polaris Technical Service.

Always write down your Serial Number and keep it in a Safe Place!

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