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Uninstall Procedure

Digital Wrench Uninstall Procedure

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There are two ways to Uninstall the Digital Wrench software: Automatic and Manual. The Automatic procedure is recommended, but in some cases the Manual procedure might be needed.

Automatic Procedure

1. Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel (Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs).

2. Find and Select "Polaris Digital Wrench" and click "Remove" or "Change/Remove".

3. When prompted to remove the Digital Wrench click "OK".


The following Manual Procedure will unauthorize your software and you will have to reinstall and re-register before you are able to run the program again.

Manual Procedure

1. Delete the entire Program directory (typically C:\Program Files\EFI Diagnostic System).

2. Run the Registry Editor (Start Menu -> Run) regedit.exe.

3. Navigate to and delete the Key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DSA\MSE".

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