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Status "No Cable or Power"

Commstatus Always Displays "No Cable, or Power"

Version: All
Operating System(s): All

Description: The Commstatus Window in the lower-left portion of the screen always displays "No Cable, or Power", even though the Interface Cable is connected to the Diagnostic Connector and the PC Serial Port.

Cause: There are many possible causes for this problem. They fall into 3 basic categories.

  • There is no Power to the Interface Cable from the Diagnostic Connector.
  • The Digital Wrench is configured for a different port than where the Interface Cable is Connected.
  • The Interface Cable is damaged, or there is a bad connection.

    Solution: The solution to this problem depends on the cause and particular situation. If the Digital Wrench software has worked properly in the past, but is now having problems, check the following items.

    1. Make sure the Interface Cable is connected to the same Serial Port as selected in the Configuration Screen.

    Keep in mind that some PC's and Operating Systems allow the comm ports to be configured as something other than the standard, (expected) comm port number. Make sure nothing has been changed in the PC system configuration.

    2. Make sure there is power available from the vehicle Diagnostic Connector.

    See article Checking for Diagnostic Connector Power for the procedure to check for power.

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